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A discussion on Long Term Care and Elder Care- Real Issues you face in retirement planning RECORDING

June 01, 2021

Have you ever thought about the long-term care services you or a loved one could need?  Do you still have a need to financially protect your family but think about the possibility of eventually needing long term care?  With the costs of long term care on the rise are you concerned how you and your family will pay for these services?

These are the very real issues we all face in retirement planning and the exact topics covered in the Webinar: A discussion on Long Term Care and Elder Care- Real Issues you face in retirement planning.

If you are interested in this topic, have concerns about the costs of care, or need a better understanding of what long-term care is, this recording will answer your questions, provide you with information, and debunk a lot of myths. Click on the recording link below, use the password: KrumLTC1, and listen in on the this important discussion

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Recording password: KrumLTC1

Long-term care involves a variety of support and services designed to help you live as independently and safely as possible when you can no longer perform everyday activities on your own.  Putting a plan in place now — as you would for any other future financial need — will give you more options later. 

While listening, ask yourself:

  • WHERE do I want to BE?
  • WHO do I want to take CARE of me?
  • HOW am I going to PAY for it?

If you have more questions, want more information, or just want to continue this conversation, please contact our office-