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At Krum Insurance & Financial Services, LLC, we offer professional guidance and planning on financial matters and insurance products. We are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals protect their interests and their assets in the most efficient way possible. Whether your goals are short-term, long-term, for retirement, or for the protection of your business we will help you make informed and strategic decisions for any stage in your life.

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Open enrollment for Medicare runs from October 15, 2017 to December 7, 2017 for ALL plans starting January 1, 2018.

As a Medicare beneficiary, the Annual Open Enrollment Period is the time to review your coverage and make any changes for 2018.

Medicare open enrollment options

During the Medicare open enrollment period you can:

  • Do nothing and keep your current Medicare medical and drug coverage as is.
  • Switch to a Medicare Advantage plan from Original Medicare.
  • Switch to Original Medicare from a Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Change Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Change Part D prescription drug plans, sign up for a prescription plaif you don't have one now, or drop drug coverage.

Just turning age 65?

You have three months before your birth month and three months after your birth month to enroll in Medicare. If you turn 65 this fall, you'll need to enroll for coverage to take you through the end of this year and sign up for coverage for 2018.

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